Buzz: Nagarjuna's New Strategy For Manmadhudu 2

Buzz: Nagarjuna's New Strategy For Manmadhudu 2

For every film, more than the film's content and quality, it is the publicity that matters a lot these days. And it looks like Akkineni Nagarjuna has understood that a lot after lots of debacles that followed him in recent times.

Film lovers are actually able to spot out that Nagarjuna is going the extra mile to promote his yet to finish Manmadhudu 2. While he talks about the parties happening in Hungary at the shooting spot, his director shared lots of pictures of heroine Rakul from the shoot. Then Annapurna Studios tweets about actors and some funny stuff happening on the sets of this film.

By making social media go abuzz about this under production venture, one understands how much effort Nagarjuna is putting to promote the film. Definitely, this is a new strategy coming from an old horse and it has to work big time to get him the result right this time.  

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