Buzz: No Emotions For Nani, That's The Key

Buzz: No Emotions For Nani, That's The Key

After impressing everyone with Jersey, Natural star Nani is very soon going to be seen in yet another impressive role in Gang Leader movie. And then, he has this 25th film of him coming up where he is going to be seen in a negative role.

Apparently in Mohankrishna Indraganti's next film "V", Nani will be seen in a negative role while Sudheer Babu will also feature in a similar kind of role. Digging more into this, we found that the film has a different role for Nani, not just because he's going to play the negative one, but the one without emotions.

Director Indraganti shared a bit of the film's story that it happens to be an out and out action film with less scope for emotional and melodrama kind of scenes. The film runs with terrific pace and Nani's role will be a first of its kind, says Indraganti. But for an actor like Nani, when emotional scenes are cut out, we have to see what will he be portraying.

On the other hand, Indraganti is confident that their duo will deliver a superior blockbuster like their previous two, Ashta Chemma and Gentleman.

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