Trivikram's Special Counseling To Sunil

Trivikram's Special Counseling To Sunil

Like many other comedians, even Sunil wanted to test his luck as a hero and tried that seriously for years. But now, he's back to his comedy business as he is taking up such roles more often.

But after watching Sunil in Chitralahari, many felt that Sunil is yet to come out of that hero mould. In many times, he's not able to get his superhit Bhimavaram slang back on the screen. Also, he struggled to give that comedian body language in many scenes. So what to do now?

Reportedly, Trivikram is now counselling his talented comedian friend, such that Sunil will be back to his forte. As Sunil is going to join Allu Arjun's film as well very soon, we hear that Trivkram told his friend to forget about his lead-man acts. Because only if Sunil could get those cleared from his brain, he will be able to do justice to the comedian roles he picks up.

On the flip side, Sunil is quoting a bomb for his dates now making sure that he earns whatever money he lost all these years at once.

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