Manchu Vishnu Scouting 'Lord Of The Rings' Locales

Manchu Vishnu Scouting 'Lord Of The Rings' Locales

Long back, Manchu Vishnu has thought of doing a mythological film but somehow that project hasn't taken off then. And after taking a brief break, including indulging himself in a political retreat, the actor is back to his next project.

Reviving the long forgotten Bhakta Kannappa project, now Vishnu has stated scouting for locales abroad. He went to New Zealand, the place where director Peter Jackson has canned films like Lord Of The Rings trilogy and also The Hobbit trilogy. Because this island nation has so many virgin locales with breathtaking landscape formations and also secluded water bodies. That helps filmmakers showcase it as a new fantasy location they have created.

We hear that Manchu Vishnu will soon start the shooting of this film, though details about the director and other crew are yet to be known. Some reports are indicating that he himself will be directing the movie, which has the script written by talented Tanikella Bharani. Watch this space for updates.

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