Another Big Bubble To Burst?

Another Big Bubble To Burst?

This is one particular film that has kept everyone on their toes for a long time. Not because of its big theme or big star cast, but for the kind of hype they have created around it. However, inside talk about it is something that not just fans but other cinema lovers would also not love to hear.

They say that this film is like a big bubble and it will get burst in 2019 when it hits cinemas. Why so? Actually, the film has a storyline that is identical to many recent hits and will not be interesting the Telugu audiences who are these days vouching for more realistic stories. At the same time, the execution of a few sequences is said to be pathetic including that of the heroine's thread.

And then, the over the top branding of this product has already created unwanted talk around the movie, which they fear about now. It has given a feeling that whenever there is no material inside, this particular big hero's films are getting excessively branded and hyped.

All said and done, there are many films that got flop talk from the editing table but went well with the audiences. Hope the film bursts makers into happiness rather than bombing them with pain.

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