Smart Heroine's Night Out With Married Director

Smart Heroine's Night Out With Married Director

She is one of the beautiful looking heroines in Telugu industry who has come from a neighborhood state. And then, she is taking her time to get the moves right but actually, she is putting herself on a wrong track. And here is what the rumor birds are chirping about her.

Actually, this heroine recently signed a film with a married director who is known for his celebrated lifestyle. Though the director is already into a lot of things, especially when it comes to women in his life, he is now said to be dating this young heroine. Well, there is a huge age gap between them but still, sometimes, it happens.

Talk of the town is that the two are spending the most time together without worrying about the work related to their project. And recently he's said to have gifted a diamond necklace to her as a token of appreciation for the love she's giving him. Since then, the night outs of these two have just got doubled and lengthy.

Surely one could say that this so-called 'smart' heroine is actually going on a wrong track. Because having affairs at the start of a career is almost lethal to one.

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