Kamasutra heroine died of cardiac arrest

Kamasutra heroine died of cardiac arrest

Actress Saira Khan, who was seen as a lead actress in the 2013 erotic drama Kamasutra 3D, died of cardiac arrest yesterday. Saira had been replaced by popular adult heroine Sherlyn Chopra in Kamasutra 3D and the movie marks as her Bollywood debut.

The director of the film Rupesh Paul expressed his grief and condolences over Saira's untimely death. He said, "I found out about the news and was shocked." He was also upset over the news not being reported anywhere. "She deserved to be recognised for her performance and to remain unknown even after the brilliance she had is even more hurtful. It's a mourning time for us and I hope she rests in peace," added the filmmaker.

He recalled how it was a tough job for him to convince Saira to sign the film as she hailed from a very conservative Muslim family. She also had to face many challenges post her performance in a bold film like Kamasutra. However, he believes that waiting for her nod was worth and the actress did absolute justice to the movie. Saira was also seen in a few regional films before her Bollywood debut Kamasutra 3D.

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