Never Expected Rajamouli To Become Top Director

Never Expected Rajamouli To Become Top Director

Director SS Rajamouli's father Vijayendra Prasad has become a sought after name after Baahubali succeeded up North. Then he has written the story for Bajrangi Bhaijan, thus becoming a big name in Bollywood as well.

Other day Vijayendra Prasad has given an interview for a leading English daily where he revealed that his bonding with his son Rajamouli is like pretty old fashioned. "I and Rajamouli are not like modern father and son. I do command that respect as a father at home like the old fashioned dad. But whenever I go to set, he's the boss as he is the director and I am only his writer" he said.

Furthermore, he added, "Actually I never felt that Rajamouli would become a star director or the biggest director he is now, but he always has that x-factor to become an impressive narrator. That's how he started assisting me and then became the director he is now as time passed".

Will they have differences as writer-director? "Of course we do have. There were many disagreements but Rajamouli's call is the final because he is the director and captain of the ship", avers Vijayendra Prasad.

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