Is Dear Comrade Crossing Its Limits?

Is Dear Comrade Crossing Its Limits?

Investments on a film should be quite realistic because many films end up on the losing side despite getting 3-star ratings and huge openings. This is because they are always cost failures due to the overspent expenditure without calculating the market of hero carefully.

Reports are coming that currently Vijay Devarakonda's upcoming film "Dear Comrade" has slipped into that overspending zone. From building college sets to shooting various scenes, again and again, the makers are said to be spending a bomb on the movie. And due to that, the film is said to be getting delayed again and again.

While this hero's Geetha Govindam collected 70+ crores share from the box office, his next film Taxiwala made only 21+ crores share in its final run. Though both films brought the profit, one couldn't asses the market of the hero going by these numbers. So it's better to keep the production costs under reasonable range, say, trade experts.

We have to see what will 'Dear Comrade' do anyway!

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