Raj Tarun Declined Offer To Become Nani's Son

Raj Tarun Declined Offer To Become Nani's Son

Hero Raj Tarun is still looking forward to what to do with his next film such that his career will be revived. With back to back films flopping at the box office, even happening directors are said to be not approaching this young hero. And then, he declined an offer from Nani's film.

Though the Kumari 21 F is game for mutli-starrers, we hear that the makers of Jersey have offered him to play the role of Nani's son in the movie. There are hardly two scenes for this role, straight at the starting of the film and then at the climax part, but they have some impact. However, Raj Tarun has turned down the offer.

Apparently, the hero felt that if he takes up such offers, then he might soon end up getting only guest roles like a Tanish and Navdeep, and will be losing his chance to rise as a hero forever. Well, if we look this from Raj Tarun's point of view, he's right.

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