#RRR Doles Out Crores To Introduce NTR & Charan

#RRR Doles Out Crores To Introduce NTR & Charan

One of the upcoming big budgeted treat, Rajamouli's #RRR, is in the news all the time since the movie press meet was held. And now, there is a huge discussion going on about the introduction scenes of this film.

Apparently, Tarak and Charan are playing the roles of Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetha Rama Raju in this fictitious tale of freedom fight. And these two Patriots will be introduced in a big way in the movie if we have to believe reports. For Tarak's introduction scene in the movie, Rajamouli is said to be doling out nearly 20+ crores to make sure that the scene comes out pretty well.

This budget might include that of grand set design, visual effects and others. But when it comes to Rajamouli's film, surely everything will pack themselves into a big drama that will strike the hearts of audiences with lots of impacts. So it might be such an impactful sequence that this intro got backed by huge budget.

On the other hand, even Ram Charan's entry will also feature a similar theme and will be carved with the same kinds of budget.

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