Upset With Criticism, Comedian Ali Flies To London

Upset With Criticism, Comedian Ali Flies To London

Like we said it already, the timing of Ali's "Alitho Saradaga" program where he invited Renu Desai as a guest, got questioned by many. Generally, Ali invites those senior celebs who have done 1000s of films or the ones who are currently happening stars for his show. But inviting a barely 3-film old former heroine has led to criticism.

Ever since this program's promo was released, Ali got nailed on social media for his behaviour. Many felt that the only motto behind this interview is to malign the image of Pawan Kalyan, who was recently backstabbed by Ali as the comedian stated that Pawan became a star because of coming in the red carpet laid by Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Reports are coming that many celebs who know about Pawan Kalyan and Ali have called the comedian to ridicule him for his action. Stunned by all these phone calls, Ali has decided to quit all the film shootings he is part of, for a while, and has flown to London with the family to take a break last week, says a report.

However, some film biggies are said to have advised Ali to go and meet Pawan Kalyan in person and tender an apology, for which Ali is not ready.

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