1 Million Views Lost Credibility?

1 Million Views Lost Credibility?

These days, every movie teaser/trailer that release is garnering 1 Million views within just a few hours. Irrespective of its star cast, director and production banner, the film's promos are crossing 1 Million mark. Naturally, it is drawing a lot of surprise from movie lovers.

Notwithstanding the buzz on the film and the hero's success track record, the eyebrow-raising views for every teaser, trailer is the talking point in industry circles. Even digital market experts are astonished to see how the Tollywood publicity teams are actively manipulating the views, likes on YouTube and thus creating a sort of 'fake' records on YouTube. Thanks to 'Click Farms' that are doing their best to achieve the said numbers for a particular song or a movie trailer.

Inside buzz is that most of the views, likes are garnered through paid promotion. It is learned that the majority of these views, likes are coming from the countries that hardly has Telugu-speaking people. It is buzzed that a lot of views and likes are registered from countries like Nigeria in Africa. On the other hand, some big films are also aggressively advertising on trending videos in order to get as many views.

Knowing this 'manipulations' behind the said YouTube records, movie lovers too also started taking light about the records. Ultimately, audiences are judging a movie on their own and the BO performance of the said movies say it all.

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