#ChaySam Are Actually Doing A Good Thing

#ChaySam Are Actually Doing A Good Thing

Their film already made 28+ crores share thereby pushing producers into heavy profits. We are talking about Samantha and Naga Chaitanya's first film together after marriage and fourth film together in their career, Majili. Here is an interesting snippet about this happening couple.

Generally, if the film's talk is average, then somehow our Telugu stars have this habit of not promoting it post the release day. They just record a few interviews in advance and share them with TV channels through their PR agencies after the release day. Cut to Majili, despite the film making a huge profit already, #ChaySam are not resting.

Some say that the duo is going to get a share in the profits, hence these aggressive promotions, but whatever they say these two are actually promoting the film quite aggressively. Even now, they are not shying away from promotions and appearing on top news channels to talk about the movie.

Actually, they are doing a good thing, because that opens the eyes of many other stars who don't promote their films. Sometimes, even if the talk is bad, promoting a film will yield more collections.

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