That's The Difference Between Allu Arjun & Allu Sirish

That's The Difference Between Allu Arjun & Allu Sirish

Allu Sirish is that one mega hero who is yet to prove his mettle as a crowd puller. But actually, it looks like the young hero is short of efforts as a comparison with brother Allu Arjun always puts this youngster in the second position only.

If we take Sirish's latest film trailer ABCD as an example, the character of the protagonist lacks one basic effort from the mega hero. Someone who was born and brought up in the USA, though a Telugu origin guy, will speak English with a totally American accent and also utters Telugu in the same way. Even in the trailer of Malayalam ABCD, one could notice how Dulquer Salman speaks in an American accent, thereby impressing a lot. But here, Allu Sirish sounds like someone who was raised in Hyderabad, but not from a place in the United States.

More on this, just to sound authentic, Allu Arjun spoke in a deep Telangana slang for his Gona Gananreddy act in Rudramadevi. Maybe Sirish should have taken a cue from his brother to execute that. Only if he could blur that difference of approaching a role like his brother, he will be getting a big break.

However, fans of the actor want to wait until ABCD's release rather judging him from the trailer alone.

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