Sai Pallavi Refuses Two Crore Rupees Deal

Sai Pallavi Refuses Two Crore Rupees Deal

There are some actresses who always think of money and will chalk financial terms for every small thing they do. From posting a tweet to attending a charity event, from doing a special cameo to launching a trailer, they charge a payment for all of it. But then, there is someone like Sai Pallavi too.   

Recently talented actress Sai Pallavi, who has won millions of Telugu hearts with Fidaa, has rejected a grand brand deal that is worth 2 crores. Apparently, a top cosmetic brand wanted her to endorse their latest face cream and offered huge money to Sai Pallavi. However, the actress has rejected this upright.

The actress felt that when she herself is acting without makeup on the silver screen, flaunting her freckles and pimples, how come she would endorse a face cream to improve looks and appearance? With film industry folks also requesting the actress to act with those pimples only, it will not be a good idea to get rid of them for an ad on TV, the actress has felt.

Well, that's a good take from Sai Pallavi we have to say. In her next, the actress will be seen in Surya's NGK and Rana's Virata Parvam.

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