Jersey Is Not A Biopic: Nani

Jersey Is Not A Biopic: Nani

Nani's Jersey is all set for release on April 19th. The film's emotional trailer has set the expectations right and Nani's performance seems to be the major takeaway from the movie. Meanwhile, promoting Jersey, Nani clarified the biggest rumour that has been under speculation for the last couple of months.

Rumours had it that Jersey is based on the life of former Indian cricketer Raman Lamba, who died tragically after a ball hit his head in a league match in Bangladesh. Like Nani's Arjun character in Jersey, Raman Lamba too took a break from cricket and again took it up in his mid 30s.

Nani said that Jersey is not based on Raman Lamba's life and that it is a completely fictitious story penned by director Gowtam Thinnanuri. However, the Natural Star didn't reveal whether his character dies in the movie or not.

Nani also said that unlike in some of his previous movies, audiences won't see Nani, but only Arjun's character while watching Jersey on the screen. "In certain movies, I had to let my original self come on to the screen. But Jersey's story is so tightly knitted that it didn't need me but only Arjun," Nani said.

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