Problem With Sunil? Or With Writers?

Problem With Sunil? Or With Writers?

Gone are the days where every single antic of comedian Sunil used to bring huge laughs. But now, somehow his characteres are not making an impact like how a 30 year fame Prithvi or Vennela Kishore are doing. So where is the problem.

In the recent times, Sunil has started doing comic roles yet again and sizzled in films like Aravinda Sametha, Padi Padi Leche Manasu and other day's release Chitralahari. Other than a good dialogue (or punch/satire), Sunil's body language didn't brought the laughs in theatres with these three roles. Some say that writers are not etching proper roles for this talented comedian. Back then, when Sunil appeared just like that in Manasanta Nuvve and Manmadhdu, there are laughs everywhere.

Industry folks are however pointing their figures at Sunil only for this poor portrayal. They say that this talented comedian is yet to come out of the hero body langauge he has developed in order to become a leading man. Though he lost that 6-pack physique, he is yet to come out of that psychology, they say.

Whatever it may, it looks like Trivikram should write something seriously for his friend such that his #AA19 will give a break to Sunil.

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