That Is The Speciality Of Nani's Jersey

That Is The Speciality Of Nani's Jersey

Apart from acting brilliance of Nani, quality music composed by Anirudh and fantastic visuals shot by Sanu John Varughese, what made "Jersey" trailer work big time with the audiences? If we have to look at it from the perspective of audiences, here is what we understand.

Actually many stories tell us about the greatness of father, mother, love, siblings, friends and some other relations. In simple, the importance of someone in our life is story-material many times. But here in Jersey, the importance of self-discovery is what explained. And while we realize about the love of a father, caringness of friends in some stories, here we (most of the audiences) identify themselves with Nani's character.

It seems like many people who have watched the trailer have got connected to it because everyone will dream of achieving something but only 2% of such people achieve it. This realistic touch might work in favour of the film, in case if the pace of the film is quite racy enough unlike Gautham Tinnanuri's debut film Malli Raava.

Featuring Nani and Shraddha Srinath in the leads, Jersey is hitting cinemas on April 19th.


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