Pic Talk: Bengali Bombshell Explodes Again

Bengali girl Rhea Chakraborty is known for her Telugu movie 'Tuneega Tuneega' that released in Telugu hinterlands long back. Later this MTV VJ failed to to do any magic in Bollywood including her latest Hindi film Jalebi not meeting the expectations.

However, this hottie is known for exploding big time on Instagram where her two-piece bikini pics are the most talked out. And the hot girl has once again soared the temperatures with her spicy acts, this time for a magazine cover shoot. As she posed in a pool with her sexiest looks, no doubt, the water body also got evaporated.

Dressed in sexy lingerie like bikinis, Rhea posed by a pool and also stood alongside bamboo trees to flaunt the best of her curves. A gym freak from a long time, this Bengali bombshell has such a great figure that girls will feel jealous of it.

On the films front, she is playing the lead girl in Mega alludu Kalyaan Dhev's upcoming Telugu movie. 

Photos: FHM

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