YVS Chowdary Sends Legal Notice To Mohan Babu

YVS Chowdary Sends Legal Notice To Mohan Babu

Recently, the Erramanzil Court had sentenced senior actor Mohan Babu to 1 year imprisonment in a cheque bounce case that was filed by director YVS Chowdary in 2009. Mohan Babu later got bail after he told the court that he will clear the Rs. 40 lakhs plus dues to YVS. The veteran actor went on to say that that the court was misinformed about the case.

Expressing shock over Mohan Babu's statement, YVS Chowdary today sent a legal notice to the actor, but this time in a land dispute case. YVS' lawyers alleged that Mohan Babu is illegally obstructing YVS from entering his own land in Jalpally village on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

YVS said that he had purchased 20 guntas of land in Jalpally with the remuneration he was paid for Mohan Babu's Saleem in 2009. In his notice, YVS alleged that Mohan Babu had illegally constructed a wall which obstructs the entry to his land.

YVS also said that Mohan Babu has employed bouncers to stop him and his family members from accessing his own land. He concluded saying that he took legal experts help to find a permanent solution to his woes. On the other hand, Mohan Babu is yet to respond on YVS' notice.

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