The Secret Ingredient That Worked For Majili

The Secret Ingredient That Worked For Majili

If we roughly outline the story of Majili, there are many loopholes that will not work. One wonders how come hero's ex-girlfriend who married four years ago will have a thirteen-year-old daughter. No matter how much the director tries to convince on that aspect, it won't connect. But how come the movie interested the audiences pretty much?

When there is Naga Chaitanya and when there is Samantha on the screen, naturally art directors, cinematographers, and fashion stylists try to show them as angels in heavenly locations. Director Siva Nirvana, however, made sure that this hero and heroine will wear only a 1000 rupees worth costume, will live in a colony that has only 2-3 small rooms and live with the dust and chaos. That realistic portrayal is the 'secret ingredient' that made everyone forget all the loopholes.

In the end, more than the screenplay flaws, audiences are able to identify themselves in the characters of Poorna and Sravani as they look and behave pretty much close to reality. That's why Majili is doing pretty well though some critical comments are heard about the film. We have to appreciate #ChaySam for agreeing to be such natural on screen without thinking about their stardom.

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