Chitralahari Trailer : Rejected Piece!

Success has been elusive to Sai Dharam Tej. He even dropped 'Dharam' from his name hoping that this would break the jinx and bring luck to him. And he plays Vijay in Chitralahari who waits for success. His life has been filled with failures. Nothing seems to be working for him - personally and professionally.

However, the only 'best' thing that happened to be is her - Kalyani Priyadarshan - love. Even that goes for a toss. Even she feels he is not suited for her. What is the role of Nivetha Pethuraj? With disturbance seeping into personal life as well, Vijay gives up and feels his life is filled with 'darkness'. Success is not an order in 'Swiggy' that comes in an hour and one has to work hard and wait so long patiently, says Posani. Vijay (Sai Tej) has been dubbed as 'Rejected Piece'.

So, what is in store for Vijay. How does he overcome his failures and how does he win his love. Director Kishore Tirumala seems to have chosen an youthful story. Devi Sri Prasad has scored complimenting background score. Comedian Suneel is back and he seems funny. Let's wait and see whether Sai Tej scores success with Chitralahari or not. April 12th is the D-day.

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