Why Only Chaitu Opposite Sam?

Why Only Chaitu Opposite Sam?

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha might be off-screen pair and a couple, but that is not the sole reason for casting Chaitanya and Samantha together in Majili. Director Shiva Nirvana has said that Chaitanya has an advantage as he suits for the looks of both young guy and a matured guy.

"Chaitu's looks are advantage. Easily, he can be mould into a 19-year-old guy and he can be mould into 34-year-old man. Since the film deals with past, I wanted a guy who looks real and young," explained director Shiva Nirvana whose debut film Ninnu Kori got critical acclaim as well as commercial success. Shiva said Chaitanya and Samantha are perfect cast and one can't think about others. He said Samantha has breathed life into her role and made the character alive.

Shiva Nirvana said personally he likes the concept of taking viewers back into "past" and hence his stories have some "past" element. He said going into past and taking audiences into past zone and reminiscing their sweet memories is his USP. Shiva said Majili deals with cricket, love and marriage. He said this has been clubbed with a beautiful middle-class drama. Shiva said Majili stirs emotional quotient of audiences. He said audiences would relate to the characters they see on screen and that's what make the film closer to them.

Talking about his debut film Ninnu Kori, Shiva said he got compliments from the likes of Ram Charan, Ravi Teja, Mahesh. He said Nani had believed in the story and believed in him and that's how Ninnu Kori is possible.

Ahead of the release of Majili on 5th April, Shiva is confident that Majili would join his success streak.

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