Pawan Kalyan @ They Cheered. They Used. They Backstabbed

Pawan Kalyan @ They Cheered. They Used. They Backstabbed

The name is Pawan Kalyan. And these people uttered it umpteen times. They cheered for him at many events. Then they used his craze to get more attention and made most out of it. But finally, they backstabbed him at the right time when it comes to giving support. That's the stark truth. Here come the folks who are not even talking about Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena Party though they made most out of his craze when it comes to their movies.

Firstly we have young hero Nithin who claimed himself to be a hardcore Pawan Kalyan fan and stated that he performed Tholiprema scenes during Jayam auditions and then got selected by Teja. This hero neither talks about Janasena nor endorses the party. Maybe occasionally he might have put that cannot-avoid-this kind of tweet, but for the kind of support he got from Pawan Kalyan, surely Nithin has to talk and walk Janasena as this political battle is quite important for the powerful star of Telugu cinema. Yet, there is no sign of Nitin anywhere.

And then comes comedian Ali, who is popular for his loose talk on the beauty of heroines, and then claims to be a soulmate of Pawan Kalyan. But when it comes to supporting him politically, generally anyone stands by their friends, but this best friend felt that their ideologies are not matching, thereby he joined YSR Congress. Similarly, we have 'blade' fame Bandla Ganesh who keeps telling his kids that god looks like Pawan Kalyan, but he joined Congress party rather standing by God's side, his favorite God's side if we have to say.

We have the likes of Kona Venkat as well, who have claimed that they are super good friends and wellwishers of Pawan Kalyan, but when it comes to politically supporting him, they feel that Pawan is not enough. Well, its time for Pawan Kalyan to estimate, analyze and understand who are his true fans.

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