Buzz: Lakshmi's NTR Is Not NTR Biopic

Buzz: Lakshmi's NTR Is Not NTR Biopic

Ram Gopal Varma's most hyped film Lakshmi's NTR is hitting the screens tomorrow. Apparently, this film got all the attention due to its controversial content but it looks like audiences should get ready for the shocker the director is going to give.

There will be no sort of NTR's story in the NTR biopic being carved by Varma if the reports coming from a special show are to be believed. Actually, the film is said to be full of a love story between NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi. And it is said to have lots of moments that are revealed by Lakshmi Parvathi for years. With the whole story revolving around her most of the time, at a point, the film is said to have looked like it is a biopic of the Lakshmi Parvathi rather the legendary actor-politician.

Though RGV thought that Lakshmi's NTR will fetch huge during election time, the fact is that right now people are not in a mood to watch any film. At a time when Mahanayakudu made by Balayya didn't work, we wonder how come Lakshmi's NTR will work. That took with the film taking the focus away from NTR, there is hardly a chance to do well at the box office.

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