#RRR: The Complete Story Of The Film Revealed

#RRR: The Complete Story Of The Film Revealed

Like all the time, where he reveals the story of a film in advance and surprises inside theaters, even this time, Rajamouli revealed the story of his upcoming magnum opus #RRR.

In 1897 Alluri Seetharama Raju is born. He has studied epics and English as well. He has been missing from his home for 2-3 years and after returning from that, he started his fight for freedom for the welfare of tribals. And in 1901 we have Komaram Bheem born in Adilabad, Telangana and he too left his home in teens. And later he came back to fight against the oppression of Nizam. Like Alluri, Bheem also undertook guerilla warfare and both lost lives in their fight.

Now, these two stories will be narrated on the plot point that these two heroes will meet in Delhi and their friendship have met in Delhi in those missing years, is what the story of #RRR is about. While Ram Charan will play the role of Alluri, NTR will be seen as Bheem in this otherwise fictional story.

Rajamouli has revealed that how Che Guevara got inspired towards radical warfare after a journey across South America (as shown in the film The Motorcycle Diaries), even Alluri and Bheem would have got inspired in the same way, which formed the basic idea for his plot. And Vijayendra Prasad has developed it further.

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