Why Four Takes Each For #RRR?

Why Four Takes Each For #RRR?

Director Rajamouli is known for shooting almost 4-5 hours length movie and later he chops out many portions on the editing table. Definitely, for the kind of budgets his producers pour on him, he enjoys that luxury of shooting extra lengths. But these numerous takes happening for #RRR have another reason.

Other day the legendary director has already confirmed that #RRR is going to be another Baahuabli, in terms of grandeur, budgets, and scale. As the film is set in a vintage backdrop of a pre-Independent era, surely Rajamouli will be crafting another visual marvel only. But this time, he wants his marvel to reach many untapped territories.

Reports are coming out that #RRR is being shot simultaneously in four languages. While we know that Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi are the possible languages the film will be predominantly shot, what is that fourth language anyway?

Though few said it is Malayalam, some say that Rajamouli is making some of his actors dub their lines in Japanese. Though the slang is not correct, at least the dubbing artist could do proper lip sync. These are just assumptions only, but few sources confirmed that the film is being shot as a multi-lingual.

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