'I've someone special in my life now, admits Kangana Ranaut

'I've someone special in my life now, admits Kangana Ranaut

Controversial actress Kangana Ranaut has been on headlines for a long, long time when an ugly brawl took place between Hrithik Roshan and her for allegedly being in an extramarital affair. The actress tried to come up with copious amounts of evidence on Hrithik while he denied dating her.

At the India Today Conclave 2019, Kangana opened up on her current relationships and personal life. She said that she was never out of love and she has a constant romantic side in her.

She also claimned that though she had breakups and bitter experiences, she immediately moves on to arouse her life back. When the interviewer asked her if she is in love right now, she said, "I have someone in my life. For me, where I am right now, I do not feel the need of regular dating. I am at a age that I want to have companionship which can inspire me in life."

Another question on the wedding was asked to which she promptly replied , "Of course, I will get married and would love to have a family even though the rise in population is worrying me".

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