Buzz: Yaatra Free Shows For Three Days

Buzz: Yaatra Free Shows For Three Days

Seems like YSR Congress folks wants to make the most of "Yaatra" at a time when biopic movies are being rejected outright by Telugu audiences. This film that revolved around YSR's Paada Yaatra hasn't created any big impact like how NTR Katahanayakudu and Mahanayakudu failed to do so. But YSRC folks have a plan.

In some secondary grade towns like Sattenapalli, now YSR Congress is coming up with ideas like showing the film at free of cost to audiences. At a theatre in Sattenapalli, the film will be screened four shows each day for the next days at free of cost. All you have to do is buy the parking ticket for your vehicle and sit inside theatres.

While they called that the film is not a propaganda movie, it looks like the film's screening is being made into propaganda now. Though this sounds like a nice idea, in reality, who has time to sit in theatres for two hours to catch up a political film even though if it is being screened for free.

At a time when digital streaming sites like Amazon Prime are bringing movies directly into your phone, free-screenings at theatres might not yield big results.

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