Muslim Youth Oppose #SyeRaa Shooting

Muslim Youth Oppose #SyeRaa Shooting

In a major setback to the team of #SyeRaa, the magnum opus movie featuring Megastar Chiranjeevi in the lead, a group of Muslim youths has today opposed the film's shooting that is going on at Bidar, Karnataka. Here are the details.

Erecting a special set in the Bahmani Castle at Bidar, currently, Sye Raa shooting is planned for a week there. However, the makers have erected some Hindu Gods idols inside the castle especially at the place where Muslims worship. Taking objection to this, some Muslim youths complained to police though Archalogeocial department has given permissions to Sye Raa team.

We hear that police have got the idols removed from the spot and the shooting which has Chiranjeevi and Sudeep participating in it got halted. The unit might come up with other sets at the same venue and continue the shooting, while police are making sure that security at the spot gets beefed up.

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