Gully Boy liplocks are not removed!

Gully Boy liplocks are not removed!

Before the release of 'Gully Boy' there were unconfirmed reports that the liplock episodes between Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt were chopped off by the censor officials.

As the film had hit the screens on Valentine's Day, audience noticed that they are very much part of the movie. There are lengthy kissing scenes in the movie and in one of the scene, Ranveer locks his lips with another actress Kalki who played a supporting role in the movie. In fact this scene was voluntarily removed by the makers of 'Gully Boy.'

To everyone's surprise, the censor board officials did not object it either and left the option to the makers to include or exclude the scene. "I have no clue from where these reports come from. 'Gully Boy' is controversy free movie and we just suggested few minor changes and the producers have readily accepted it," informed CBFC CEO Tushar Karmarkar.

However, former CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihlani has objected this and questioned, how come a film be given 'U/A' certificate when there are extensive kissing scenes? Parents may not be comfortable watching such films with their kids.

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