Allu Sirish And Niharika, What's Up!

Allu Sirish And Niharika, What's Up!

Almost all the mega heroes know their strengths and weaknesses and plan things very carefully based on that. They never miss release dates and they know how to use right PR folks to bring huge buzz to their films. But it looks like, two young mega chaps are missing out this quality.

Currently, both Niharika Kondiela and Allu Sirish need a hit badly to prove that they are worthy pullers of films at the box office. After scoring some duds, Sirish is now coming up with ABCD, a remake of a Malayalam film of the same name. Initially, this film was supposed to release on Feb 8th, then it moved to March 1st and now it is said to have got pushed to March 22nd. One wonders why Sirish is shifting so many dates this way.

And then we have Niharika coming up with Suryakantham movie, whose songs and lyrical videos are not even helping the film to get some buzz. No matter what she tries, it is looking like pulling some attention is the toughest part for her. But then, mega fans are waiting for her to score her first hit at the box office.

Maybe by analyzing what is their real problem, both Sirish and Niharika should work in that area to make sure that they score well.

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