Krish Reveals Why He Walked Out of Manikarnika?

Krish Reveals Why He Walked Out of Manikarnika?

More than asking how Manikarnika actually is, many still ask about why Krish had to walk out of the project that he worked 'almost' till the completion.

If reports are to be believed, Krish finally opened up on leaving such a big project abruptly, saying that he was paid only 30 percent of remuneration of what the initial agreement was made to. That was because Kangana was not happy and satisfied with Krish's work and she used to interfere in every department, before comparing the director's work to that of a Bhojpuri film!

This has not gone well with many members of the crew and it was Krish who spoke out when Kangana insisted on killing the character played by Sonu Sood in the interval because it is against what actually happened for real. It is said to be the reason for Sonu Sood too for leaving the project.

Kangana reportedly started dictating everything at a later point and producer Kamal Jain too went ahead with her words, which irked many other technicians. Though she claims to have directed 70 percent of the film, facts seem to be otherwise as it is heard that she did direct some 15 percent in the first half and 25 percent in the second.

Krish gets the credit for the film garnering great reviews all over, as the climax he shot was kept as it is, they say. Looks like Krish has got some valid points regarding Manikarnika, but it is wise for him to respond on positive reviews 'now', when he walked out of the project for NTR?

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