Shankar And Rahman Clear The Air

Shankar And Rahman Clear The Air

Ever since the announcement about "Indian 2" has come out, the only discussion happening everywhere is about legendary composer AR Rahman only. One wonders how come super talented director Shankar has replaced his composer with Anirudh.

Till date, the tunes scored by Rahman for "Indian 1" (Bharateeyudu) are a super hit and even now our singers recite them at various events often. So with Kamal Haasan and Shankar reuniting for the film, it sounded like even Rahman will join the gang, but he was missed out. That led to doubts whether all is well between Shankar and Rahman.

Clearing the air, the Oscar winner has tweeted to Shankar, "Wishing you and your team for yet another block buster ! Good luck buddy". Even Shankar got surprised by this warm tweet and conveyed back his thanks.

Actually Shankar has opted for other composers couple of times earlier when he made movies like Aparichitudu and Nanban (3 Idiots Remake), but this particular film should have got Rahman onboard. Maybe Rahman's busy schedule didn't let him join the project.

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