Huge Shouts For #BigBoss2 Nutan's Entry

Huge Shouts For #BigBoss2 Nutan's Entry

Finally if #BigBoss2 has helped anyone big time, then surely it made contestant Nutan Naidu an actor. He has entered the show as an aspiring politician, and now he has become an actor as well.

In the recently released film F2, Nutan Naidu is seen in a small role, where he appeared as a friend of Vennela Kishore. While the dialogues written for him haven't created huge laughs, his entry on the screen received huge shouts from the audiences.

Nutan Naidu's entry gave that surprising element to everyone, as most of the viewers have seen him on #BigBoss2 for a long time and got entertained by his antics. However, his dialogue delivery style in the film sounded as if he is talking to some big participants like Kaushal and Ganesh.

We have to see how far Nutan will cash on this comedy journey in films.

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