F2 Gets A Superb Edge: Thanks To That

F2 Gets A Superb Edge: Thanks To That

Finally, all the festival releases are in theatres already and everyone is looking forward to going to the best movie that guarantees them maximum entertainment. Despite the fact that "F2" hasn't got unanimous applause, this is the only film that will not be ruled out by all.

While there is no great story and narrative, F2 succeeds in generating huge laughs throughout the film. Venkatesh's terrific histrionics and Varun Tej's underdog acts coupled with various comedy scenes, glamour and peppy songs are working out in favor of the film. So what should the film thank now?

Actually, the makers have to thank the slapstick punch lines that are working out big time. Because in theatres, these single-liners are giving intense laughing bouts to the audiences. No matter what the story is, from starting to finish, everyone is actually laughing and bumping out of their seats.

Especially the characters like the ones played by Annapurnamma and Y Vijaya, which got nothing to do with the story, have created fun with just a couple of lines. They are bringing real laughs in the film. We have to see how far F2 will cash on this edge.

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