Krish Proved It, Now It Is Her Turn!

Krish Proved It, Now It Is Her Turn!

Grabbing the directing duties from anyone is an easier task for someone in a bit of power, but proving that they are the real worth grabbers is something that vests in own hands. And director Krish did that amazingly.

Looking at the grandeur, the biopic movie of legendary NTR should be made, director Teja has walked out of the film. And then, when Balakrishna almost readied himself to direct the movie, director Krish grabbed the mantle from him and today delivered a stunner.

Now in this meantime, when Krish is grabbing the chance to direct NTR Biopic, actually star heroine Kangana Ranaut bagged the direction chance from him. Yes, as he asked for a waiting time to restart the shooting of "Manikarnika", Kangana has decided to direct the rest of the film. So how did she finish her job?

That will be known only when Manikarnika hits the screens in the coming weeks.

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