Anupama's Phone Number Change In Discussion!

Anupama's Phone Number Change In Discussion!

Heroine Anupama Parameswaran is someone who wants to do good work in films and wants her films to speak herself. Though some of her films didn't' worked at the box office in recent times, she is looking forward to interesting roles being offered to her.

At this moment, we heard an interesting rumor about the phone number of this beautiful actress. Apparently, she is said to have changed her number all of a sudden, which is not at all a surprise. But for a happening heroine to change her number in that way, there should be some reason know. So what is that?

Some rumors revealed that actually a technician who worked on Anupama's film is said to be calling and texting her daily. As his calls and messages are going beyond reach each day, the actress tried to avoid him, but still, he is said to be running after her like a jellyfish. To put him at bay, she has simply changed her phone number.

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