Sai Pallavi Refuses To Take Balance Remuneration

Sai Pallavi Refuses To Take Balance Remuneration

Only a few heroes have that guts of returning a part of their remuneration after a film fails at the box office. But when it comes to heroines, they always pocket the money and leave, without even thinking about what happens to the producer. But it looks like Sai Pallavi is a class apart.

Recently Sai Pallavi has seen a big setback in the form of Padi Padi Leche Manasu in Telugu film industry. Not only the film tanked big time at the box office, it almost posted a 15+ crores loss to the producer. Despite the fact that a film incurred loss, producers are often bounded by contracts to clear remunerations they should pay to actors, however.

Producer Sudhakar Cherukuri is said to have readied the 40 lakhs balance payment he should give to Sai Pallavi and called her other day over the same. The actress said to have rejected to take the cheque as the film has flopped and the producer is at loss. When Sudhakar tried to talk to her parents, they also appreciated their daughter's decision and refused to take the money.

How many times do we get to see such actresses? Despite all the rumors that engulf her, Sai Pallavi seems to be a class apart.

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