At last, Rajamouli Admits His 'Misleading Tweets'

At last, Rajamouli Admits His 'Misleading Tweets'

Director Rajamouli has nearly 4.4 million followers on Twitter. Apart from movies, Rajamouli followers also believe in his words. If he tweets something regarding a movie, then it certainly impacts a section of followers and many watch the movie as well.

Earlier Rajamouli used to be cautious while commenting on a movie and this has led to developing credibility. However, in the last couple of years, Rajamouli has lost his trustworthiness and his comments about a movie are being taken on a lighter note by his followers.

Rajamouli owes this to his friend and producer Sai Korrapati. Movies bankrolled by the producer received positive feedback from Rajamouli, although they ended up as disasters. 'Patel SIR,' 'Yuddham Sharanam' and 'Paisa Vasool' are the best examples of it. Many followers have criticized Rajamouli for being biased towards his friends but no one questioned why was he doing so.

Finally, Rajamouli got a platform where he had to accept that he had tweeted in a positive note even when the film wasn't good. In Koffee with Karan talk show, the host Karan Johar had asked whether he did something like the above and without any second thought, Rajamouli replied: "Yes I did." However, the 'Baahubali' director did not reveal the names of the films.

Hope Rajamouli now makes some efforts to bring back his lost credibility.

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