Pics: Breakup Behind Arjun Reddy Girl's Abs Show!

One question that lingers the minds of those who love "Arjun Reddy" movie is, when Vijay Devarakonda could make most of this intense love story, why Shalini Pandey failed to achieve the same? Going by the words of her, it looks like a breakup has slowed her down.

Giving some gyaan on Monday morning, apparently, Shalini Pandey shared an interesting story where she asked everyone to treat themselves like someone they loved.

Asking netizens about their situation, she said this way: "Going through a heartbreak?? Or did someone break you apart ?? Or maybe you aren't still over someone who doesn't even deserve you! Just put all your energy together, go to the gym, work your ass off, sweat that shit off, look your best, and then turn to the mirror, admire yourself". And as she wrote to click a picture of themselves, she shared a pic straight from the gym where she is showcasing her close-to six pack abs.

"You deserve all the love that you invested in someone else" because no one deserves your love more than you," she says, adding that it is not any random speech. So what does this mean?? Is she saying that there is breakup story behind that flatly toned tummy and that is why her film choices are also slowed down?

In her next, Shalini Pandey will be seen romancing Kalyan Ram in upcoming thriller 118.

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