Kajal Mania All Over

Kajal Mania All Over

Young hero Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas had to face huge embarrassment at the audio launch of his own film 'Kavacham.'

Held in Bhimavaram at a private engineering college, people gathered in large number. But many came to see the female lead, Kajal Aggarwal instead of Sreenivas.

Also while many celebs were addressing the event, fans of Kajal shouted her name constantly. When Chota K Naidu was on stage and took out her name to appreciate her work, fans went haywire. To pacify them Chota said she would certainly come on stage and talk.

It was all Kajal's mania when the entire team of 'Kavacham' graced the dais. Getting to know about this, Sreenivas concluded his speech in just couple of minutes and in a routine manner thanked everyone for making it to the audio launch.

Sreenivas has mostly teamed up with top heroines irrespective of the success he managed. He definitely needs to improve his fan base before teaming up with top ladies.

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