Legendary Actor's Tweet On Sarkar Movie, Why Now?

Legendary Actor's Tweet On Sarkar Movie, Why Now?

Last night, suddenly a tweet has come from legendary actor Kamal Hasaan and it is about Vijay's recent blockbuster hit 'Sarkaar' movie. But one wonders what made the legend respond now with a tweet when he is silent during the peak of issue couple of weeks earlier.

'Sarkar has been certified by CBFC. Yet Government dares to muffle the right of people to express. This is not a democracy. Fascism was defeated before, will be done again', tweeted Kamal Haasan, in support of the film. Actually, Kamal extended his support to the film in November first week but later when AR Murugadoss escaped arrest, the legend went silent.

Reports are coming that actually Murugadoss, who has applied for anticipatory bail, has faced tough questions in Tamilnadu high court from the public prosecutor representing AIADMK government when the case came for hearing. The Government-lawyer is said to have asked Murugadoss to give a written statement confirming that he will not criticize government policies in his next films, for which the director said no.

After coming to know about these things, we hear that Kamal Haasan has responded on the fiasco yet again in this way. We have to say what AIADMK cadres will now say to him.

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