The Only Film Kalyan Ram Regrets Missing

The Only Film Kalyan Ram Regrets Missing

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is once again in that unclear zone where he has to prove himself and come out as a winner. After Pataas happened, he is expected to stun box office many more times, but still that is not happening.

Currently busy with a couple of films, we hear that Kalyan Ram regrets missing out one particular script. Though the script is not that great, nor the director, the only thing that excited him back then is an idea. When director Pawan Sadineni of Prema Ishq Kadal fame narrated a dad-son story, he has asked if Kalyan Ram could rope in Hari Krishna for that father role. Suggesting that the script needs to be tweaked a lot, the Nandamuri hero kept this project aside.

Had he proceeded with the same weak script, today he would have had a good memory where he shared with this father in a lengthy film. For that reason, we hear that Kalyan Ram often shares with his dear ones that he should have taken up that project.

Meanwhile, Kalyan Ram is now sharing the screen with his Babai Balakrishna in #NTR biopic, where he is reprising the role of his father.

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