Ram Charan's Brothers Completely Unrecognisable

Ram Charan's Brothers Completely Unrecognisable

ఆర్ఆర్ఆర్.. టెక్నీషియన్లపై క్లారిటీ వచ్చేసిందిమొత్తానికి తెలుగు సినీ చరిత్రలో నిలిచిపోయే మల్టీస్టారర్ మూవీ ప్రారంభోత్సవం జరుపుకుంది. యంగ్ టైగర్ ఎన్టీఆర్-మెగా పవర్ స్టార్ రామ Nov 12, 2018

No, we're not talking about real-life brothers of Ram Charan, but here is an interesting thing in the discussion about his reel brothers. And the way they have gone beyond recognition is not due to any special makeup or so, but only time.

IN the upcoming film Vinaya Vidheya Rama, two former heroes are playing brothers of mega power star. They are none other than 'Jeans' fame Prashanth and 'Hai' movie fame Aryan Rajesh (Allari Naresh's brother). How many of you identified their presence in the trailer?

45-year-old Prashanth and 40-year-old Aryan Rajesh would have continued as heroes, if they concentrated on their looks from a long time, say cinema lovers who identified these two. After scoring back to back flops at the box office, they lost interest in films and then lost grip on their body too. And after some break, they turned out to play the role of Charan's brothers in this Boyapati Sreenu directorial, where it takes some time to recognize them.

Of course, unlike many heroes who just vanish as they cannot play baddies and brothers on silver screen, it's good to see them return this way.

Nov 12, 2018 నిఖిల్ ముద్ర పడేది ఆ రోజే.. తెలుగులో ప్రస్తుతం హిట్ చాలా అవసరమైన యువ కథానాయకుల్లో నిఖిల్ ఒకడు. ‘ఎక్కడికి పోతావు చిన్నవాడా’ చిత్రంతో పెద్ద విజయాన్ని అందుకున… View Full Article

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