2.0 Trailer Talk: Chitti Reloaded...

Shankar reveals secrets behind 2.O2.O is slated for a November release and all the eyes are on the visual extravaganza. The teaser which was unveiled recently gives a gist on how and w Sep 30, 2018

The most awaited high budget action extravaganza 2.0 directed by Shankar is all set to enthrall the audience from November 29. The Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer's theatrical trailer is out and it lives up to the humongous hype and expectations surrounding it.

The film is about a revolution of a bird like creature against the technology called 'Mobile phones'. Akshay Kumar, the antagonist is after the human species who are extensively using mobile phones. Now the human has to do something to counter the anti-force.

"When the fifth power evolves, a super power must evolve" and Chitti the Robot is reloaded to counterattack the force of evil. The one-on-one battle between Chitti and the Bird are exciting to see. In fact, the computer screens and mobile screens don't do justice to the visual excellence of 2.0.

The film is releasing in 3D and apparently, the film looks brilliant only when watched in 3D with the glasses on. The trailer has fabulous visuals and terrific score from AR Rahman. It takes the expectations to a whole new level and as Chitti claims he is all set to screens on fire!

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