Vishal Is Seeing Someone Else, Not Me: Varalaxmi

Vishal Is Seeing Someone Else, Not Me: Varalaxmi

After Pandem Kodi 2, actor Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is gearing up for Sarkar which is releasing on November 6 on the eve of Diwali. The firebrand actor was in town to promote the film. Varalaxmi met the Telugu media for the first time ever and she was pretty much excited. Here is what the actor says about the film and about rumors on affair with Vishal.

Playing negative role in Sarkar, right? Tell us about it in detail.

I cannot say that it is a negative one or a positive one (laughs). You have to watch the film to know more about it. But all that I can say is it's the role of a politician in a key role. The film is more about the current political scenario where someone else votes in our turn. The film will deal all this and it is going to be a political thriller.

How was working with Mrugadoss and what about the plagiarism allegations on him?

I stand with Murugadoss sir and truth will always win. The fact is that Sengol's story is similar to what Muruga sir has written. It is false news that sir has accepted the allegations. There has been a discussion and credits and similar story kind of credits will be given to the other writer too. So the issue is solved now.  

Are you seriously getting married to Vishal?

No. No way! Please tell everybody that Varalaxmi is not getting married to Vishal. We never even dated each other. We are childhood friends and we love each other as friends. He is also seeing someone else and they will get married soon.

Tell us about the #MeToo movement in Tamil industry there?

The movement's actual agenda is to 'name them and shame them'. Women are speaking up now and many people are here to support the victims. If people are saying that there is nothing like that in the industry, it means that they are lying. I also have faced something like casting couch. A man has come to me and asked me whether I can meet him for other things. What are the other things? Did he want an ice cream?

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