Babu's Advice To Venky Mama?

Babu's Advice To Venky Mama?

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Tollywood always tries to commercialize any new concept or will fill old wine in a new bottle to serve to audiences. And now, producer Suresh Babu whose films are mostly sentimental dramas, has decided to do a story with mythical touch.

For the upcoming film "Venky Mama", the story deals with what is there in Hindi mythology, the kind of astrology our ancestors used to believe and how this present generation is making fun of it. While the makers confirmed already that this KS Ravindra (Bobby) directorial project is not shelved, here goes an insider story.

We hear that Suresh Babu's extra involvement is said to be worrying director KS Ravindra, while both Venkatesh and Chaitanya are said to be very happy with that. As Suresh himself is a big follower of Astrology and quite a devotional-spiritual guy, he's said to be giving a new scene idea a day to the writer-director. This is making the team unable to lock the final version, though they have a skeleton in mind already.

Anyway, let's hope Suresh's astrology advice will give a big hit to both the mama and allude, as Venky's career is on the brink of falling, while Chay is still struggling.

Oct 31, 2018 దిల్ రాజు సినిమా.. హైప్ ఎక్కడ? ఒకప్పుడు దిల్ రాజు బేనర్ నుంచి ఓ సినిమా వస్తోందంటే ఆ క్రేజే వేరుగా ఉండేది. కచ్చితంగా ఆ సినిమాలో ఏదో ఒక ప్రత్యేకత ఉంటుందనే నమ్మకం ప… View Full Article

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