#BigBoss2: Geetha Madhuri Cries Foul Now

#BigBoss2: Geetha Madhuri Cries Foul Now

Days after ending up as a runner-up in the much-hyped #BigBoss2 program, singer Geetha Madhuri who was the favourite of the inmates to win the crown, is crying foul. And this not regarding Kaushal or losing the game, but about her image.

"To be clear, Kaushal has won the game because he got more votes than anyone. So there are no two thoughts about it" she said while speaking to a leading daily. But then she added that Big Boss has telecast only 90 minutes of their 24 hours life and that has given a negative outlook of her to the audiences.

"They haven't shown the footage where I'm talking to a particular contestant, but they have shown only when I'm talking about that with others. That projected me like I indulge in a lot of backbiting and gave many negative opinions around me" avers Geetha Madhuri, crying foul about the length of the show and their editing style.

However, those who have seen all the episodes of #BigBoss2 claimed that Geetha Madhuri felt like winner ever since many inmates started praising her and with Nani himself calling her as an epitome of justice. "That made her proud and overconfident, and she felt that troubling Kaushal will win her votes, but that didn't work," a lover of the show said.

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